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What Are Dentures?

A denture is a removable prosthetic replacement for missing teeth in the upper or lower area of your mouth. Not all tooth loss is the same, meaning that if you’ve only lost some of your teeth, you’ll have the option of a partial denture rather than the traditional complete restoration.

Dentures look just like your regular teeth, and they are custom-made to fit naturally in your mouth so you can eat and talk with ease. If your teeth have been removed before getting dentures, you’ll need to wait 8-12 weeks for your mouth to heal fully. During this interim period, your dentist provides you with immediate dentures. Once you’ve had time to heal, you’ll be able to wear your conventional dentures from that point on.

Are Dentures Right for Me?

Dentures offer a great deal of flexibility, which makes them an excellent restoration option. When visiting the Center for Advanced Dentistry, your dentist gives you a comprehensive oral exam and, based on your results, talks with you about the best solution for your condition. Your dentist might recommend dentures or other options such as bridges, dental implants, and crowns, depending on your oral health needs.

How Do I Maintain My Dentures?

Taking good care of your dentures will help maintain their function and improve longevity. Plus, good hygiene protects your gums and overall oral health, as well.

Caring for your dentures includes the following:

  • Before brushing, wash off any debris
  • Brush your gums, roof of your mouth, and tongue two times a day
  • Brush your dentures gently
  • Remove dentures when going to sleep
  • When you’re not wearing them, soak them in water or denture-cleansing liquid
  • Avoid smoking
  • Only use adhesives if advised by your provider

Do You Need Dentures in San Jose, California?

You can have your smile back in just a few visits! To find out if dentures are right for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online with the Center for Advanced Dentistry today!

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