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General Dentistry Specialist

Center for Advanced Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Implants Specialists located in San Jose, CA

Center for Advanced Dentistry in San Jose, California, offers a variety of general dentistry services to help you improve and maintain your oral health. Whether you need a routine cleaning and exam or a more advanced procedure, their team of dental experts can help make your smile beautiful. Call the office to book your appointment or schedule online today.

General Dentistry Q & A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is the professional maintenance of your oral health. The goal of general dental care is to treat and eliminate any conditions that affect the proper functioning of your mouth. A general dentist also routinely checks your oral tissues to ensure that no new conditions are developing and equips you with the necessary tools to keep your mouth healthy. 

The providers at the Center for Advanced Dentistry are exceptional general dentists that will work with you to ensure that your smile stays healthy throughout your entire life.

What general dentistry services do you offer?

Center for Advanced Dentistry offers a variety of general dentistry treatments, including sealants, scaling and root planing, and education for proper oral hygiene and at-home care.

One of their most popular services is routine oral health exams and dental cleanings, which are the cornerstones of good preventive care. By maintaining regular cleanings and checkups with your provider, you ensure that your smile is staying healthy and that you get ahead of any developing conditions that could potentially be problematic to your oral health. 

By identifying and addressing these conditions in their earliest stages, you can potentially save yourself from having to get treatments down the line that are most costly, complex, and invasive.

How often should I visit a dentist?

You should see your provider at Center for Advanced Dentistry whenever you have a pressing dental concern, but you shouldn’t limit your appointments to the times when there’s a problem. Engaging in good general dentistry means keeping your mouth in a constant state of good health.

The general rule of thumb is to visit your dentist once every six months for a routine cleaning and oral exam. Depending on your individual needs, however, you might need professional care more or less frequently. Some people are particularly prone to cavities, for example, and might need to visit their dentist more often. The same is true for people who are currently suffering from dental conditions, like gum disease.

The team at Center for Advanced Dentistry can work with you to determine an appointment frequency that works best for you. To begin your general dentistry treatments, call the team or schedule an appointment online today.