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Healthy gums are a vital component of a healthy mouth, and laser gum therapy is one of the most technologically advanced treatments for keeping your gums in good shape. At Center for Advanced Dentistry in San Jose, California, the team of dental experts provides laser gum therapy to optimize their patients’ oral health while making their dental experience as quick, painless, and effective as possible. Schedule a visit by phone or online and learn more about laser gum therapy today.

Laser Gum Therapy Q & A

What is laser gum therapy?

Laser gum therapy is the use of laser tools in treating periodontal disease. Lasers are highly-concentrated beams of light energy that can safely cut through soft tissue (like gums) and hard tissue (like teeth). When you get laser gum therapy, your provider uses a soft-tissue laser that effectively treats your diseased gums without altering your teeth.

Why would I need laser gum therapy?

If you’re currently suffering from gum disease, laser gum therapy is a state-of-the-art procedure that can significantly improve your oral health.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection of your gum tissue that develops when you let plaque sit on your teeth for too long. The harmful acids and bacteria in the plaque begin to irritate your gum tissue, causing gingivitis. Your gums then become so irritated, and they begin to recede or pull away from your teeth, a condition known as periodontitis. If left untreated, periodontitis can cause your gums and the structures that hold your teeth in place to degrade to the point where your teeth eventually fall out.

Laser gum therapy can prevent the progression of gum disease by removing your unhealthy gum tissue and preventing the infection from spreading.

What are the benefits of laser gum therapy?

Laser gum therapy has quite a few advantages over traditional gum surgery, the alternative method for treating gum disease. In traditional gum surgery, your provider uses a scalpel to remove your damaged gum tissue and reduce the depth of the pockets between your teeth and recessed gums. By using a laser instead of a scalpel for this procedure, laser gum therapy enhances your treatment in the following ways:


Laser treatments are less painful than traditional gum surgery, which typically requires anesthesia and post-operative pain medication. The laser also cauterizes as it cuts your soft tissue, which means less bleeding during the surgery and a reduced need for sutures afterward.


Laser tools are more precise and less invasive than a scalpel, and can more easily isolate your damaged tissue without impacting the health of your nearby gums and bones. This enables your provider to be more effective in your laser gum therapy than they would typically be when using a scalpel.


In addition to cauterizing your tissue as it cuts, the laser also sterilizes it. This means a lower likelihood of infection and post-operative complications, which makes your healing and recovery process much quicker and easier.

Learn more about laser gum therapy at Center for Advanced Dentistry by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.