What are Sinus Lifts?

A sinus lift is a surgical treatment used to enhance the quantity of bone in the maxilla to facilitate a future procedure or to restore the sinus to a normal condition. This procedure involves adding bone to the upper row of teeth, specifically to the area where the upper molars are housed.

Why Would I Need a Sinus Lift?

Your sinuses are empty, air-filled spaces on either side of your nose. Immediately below them is a fragile area of the jawbone which contains your upper molars. Since this area is already thin, losing bone here could make it very difficult to perform a dental implant procedure. Therefore, sinus lifts aim to reinforce the bone in this location to prevent further bone loss and make it a strong enough structure to sustain an implant.

What Makes Me a Good Candidate for a Sinus Lift?

Several dental situations might make a sinus lift necessary. You might be a good candidate for this condition if:

  • You are missing one or more teeth in your upper jaw
  • Have lost a significant amount of bone
  • Have lost all of your natural teeth

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The Center for Advanced Dentistry team is equipped with the most advanced equipment, highly skilled experts, and a variety of sedation options to make your next procedure a success. If you think you could benefit from a sinus lift, give us a call today to learn more!

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