All-On-4 Implants®: What to Expect

All-On-4 Implants®: What to Expect


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Restorative teeth are something that people commonly go for nowadays. Dental implants replace the previously decayed or missing tooth and are known for comfort and durability. The concept of teeth replacement has helped spread awareness for dental health. There are a lot of dental clinics that offer All-On-4® in San Jose, CA. 

Losing teeth is a normal occurrence in childhood and old age. One should be conscious of the constant wear and tear that the teeth go through for years. The care that you put into your teeth is something you should be proud of.

What Are All-On-4® Implants? 

All-On-4® implants are somewhat self-explanatory. It is a surgical procedure that inserts four titanium screws on either the upper and lower jaw. These implants are meant to replace the complete set of teeth of the lower or upper jaw. 

This procedure allows maximum convenience with the replacement. Usually, implants replace the lost tooth individually, but with All-On-4® implants, there will be less hassle since they directly replace all upper or lower sets of teeth. 

Am I an Eligible Candidate? 

There may be things to consider when thinking of this procedure as a treatment plan. The dentist will evaluate any discomfort that the patient has in making a plan for the teeth replacement. 

If you have experienced tooth loss in and decaying teeth that need replacing, All-On-4® may be for you. This procedure makes sure that your smile can be as bright as it was before. Any concerns will be consulted with the dentist, as well as your treatment plans.  

Why You Should Consider Getting Them 

Like many other procedures, All-On-4® has its benefits that you may want to consider. These implants will ensure that you enjoy your life with a lifetime of smiles as it boosts your overall health and self-confidence. 


An All-On-4® treatment is pretty convenient because it replaces the entire set of teeth all in one go. It just needs you, your dentist, and the implants, and you can be ready and leave with a smile, as well as reap benefits of convenience and confidence. 

Teeth Replacement in One Day 

All-On-4® implants can be done within a day. This procedure is quite time-effective, as well as cost-effective since it's only one procedure. You can then leave with a perfect set of teeth and a lifetime of smiles without the worry of your dental health deteriorating.  


The implants are considered cost-effective because you only need one procedure to be done, and then you are set. You only need to follow the healing process and maintenance of the implants, and it can last you for a lifetime. 

Generally, it's an expensive investment, but you can also save a lot from just getting this type of treatment compared to getting implants separately.

Looking to Get All-On-4® in San Jose? 

Now that you know what to expect for All-On-4® implants in San Jose and understand their benefits for your oral health, it would be best to consult a dentist.  

Ready to get started? It's time to head on over to the Center For Advanced Dentistry. We have trained experts who can answer all your questions about All-On-4® implants and how the procedure works.

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