Bad Habits That Could Harm Your Teeth

Bad Habits That Could Harm Your Teeth

Posted by Center for Advanced Dentistry Nov 28, 2022

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Our oral health depends on many different factors, ranging from the food we eat to the habits we maintain. We have compiled a list of habits that can affect oral health in a negative manner. Here are some bad habits that can cause damage to our oral health.

  • Nail Biting

Nail biting can be a bad habit for a number of reasons. It can lead to chips and fractures of your teeth, which can be painful and expensive to repair. You can also end up dealing with chafing and infections in your fingers from constantly chewing on them. It’s best to kick the habit as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your smile.

  • Smoking

Cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals that are very harmful to our oral health. They can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. In fact, dentists often recommend quitting tobacco use before undergoing restorative dentistry treatments like root canals. That’s because tobacco can weaken the body’s ability to heal itself and put patients at risk of complications during or after the procedure. In some cases, the dentist may postpone the treatment for a few more weeks to give the affected site time to heal on its own. Patients who continue to smoke after undergoing root canal surgery are at a greater risk of experiencing complications such as inflammation or a painful infection.

  • Tooth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a condition that can damage our oral health. It can lead to tooth sensitivity, chipped and cracked teeth, headaches, jaw pain, and more serious problems if left untreated. The condition can occur due to stress and anxiety or can be caused by an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth. Heavy consumption of alcohol or caffeine can also result in the condition. To treat it, a dentist may recommend getting a custom mouth guard to prevent tooth damage during sleep.

  • Using Teeth As Tools

When we’re in a hurry, we might not think through our actions. For example, it’s common for people to use their teeth as a tool to open bottles or packages. Sometimes, we’ll even use them to pop open bottle caps. The problem with this habit is that it can damage your teeth. It can harm your enamel and break your teeth. It can also cause damage near the gum line and lead to gingivitis. You might also chip a tooth when trying to open a package with your teeth. If you have a habit of using your teeth for opening packages, try replacing this habit with a tool that can be safer for your smile. For instance, you can use a bottle opener to open the bottle cap or find a pair of scissors that can cut packaging.

  • Not Visiting The Dentist Regularly

Going to the dentist every six months is recommended for most patients. This frequency allows us to clean your teeth and check for cavities or gum disease. However, if you have not been to a dentist in several years, it’s never too late to start! Book an appointment with us today and start improving your oral health.

To learn more habits to improve your oral health, call the Center for Advanced Dentistry or request an appointment online.

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