Can You Avoid Getting a Tooth Extraction?

Can You Avoid Getting a Tooth Extraction?


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The procedure might sound daunting, especially the thought of having your teeth taken out. But you may need a tooth extraction in San Jose to protect your oral health.  

The teeth are an essential thing because they aid your speech and your ability to eat. If tooth extractions seem scary when you think about them, you can't run away from this procedure.

After the procedure, dental implants can replace them, filling in the space that lacks teeth, ensuring that the mouth does not collapse due to the lack of support.

Can I Avoid Tooth Extractions?

Avoiding a tooth extraction is possible in some cases. There are a few things that you can do to help you maintain your dental health, so your teeth have a greater chance of lasting a lifetime.

However, tooth extractions cannot be avoided entirely because your teeth may need it and avoiding them will only prolong the pain and extend the discomfort you feel.  

Sometimes, accidents happen that can cause you to lose your permanent teeth. Whether caused by oral trauma or tooth decay, we all want to avoid having those teeth extracted.

Below are tips to avoid tooth extraction in cases that don’t relate to accidents:

Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth will help you avoid tooth extractions because this is a form of dental care. Proper dental care can lessen the risk of having your tooth extracted, reducing tooth decay, gum diseases, and plaque.

Dental Cleaning by a Professional

Getting your teeth and gums cleaned regularly can help prevent any damage to the teeth and gums. This can also remove any bacteria that has formed into tartar.

A regular check-up is also a must for you. Getting your teeth examined early is vital because it reduces the risk of other dental complications that you may have.

Aside from detecting problems at an early stage, you can also prolong the health of your teeth. You can also fix issues that you won't notice by just looking at your teeth in the mirror.  

Avoid Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar is not only dangerous to your health but also your teeth. When we eat a lot of sugary foods and beverages, we allow the acids from those foods to eat away at our enamel.

Also, it promotes the growth of bacteria. After all, bacteria in the mouth love sugar. If left unattended, it may cause problems that go beyond dental issues. So, it's best to consume sugar in moderation.

Make sure to gargle with mouthwash after you brush your teeth and floss. This helps eliminate any debris that gets stuck in between your teeth. Cavities can grow in places where your toothbrush can't reach.

Looking for a Dentist for a Tooth Extraction in San Jose?

Now that you know whether you can avoid getting your teeth extracted or not, you can visit a dentist in San Jose feeling fully prepared. Head over to the Center For Advanced Dentistry for an appointment.

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