Common Causes of Sleep Apnea

Common Causes of Sleep Apnea


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Not everyone is blessed to have a very comfortable life and work. More often, people only get to rest when they sleep. However, there are instances of sleep apnea in San Jose that can make bedtime less relaxing that it should be.  

It's very annoying to hear people snore while they sleep, but seeing them having sleep apnea could equally be alarming. If you know how sleep apnea can be dangerous to people, you'll do everything you can to stop it from happening. However, you won't be able to do that if you won't familiarize yourself with the basics of sleep apnea.  

What is Sleep Apnea

Based on its name, it obviously happens when you sleep. It's a severe sleep disorder in which one repeatedly stops breathing for 10 seconds or more while sleeping. It can lead to less oxygen in the blood and briefly awaken sleepers throughout the night. Though this disorder may be familiar, its danger is still unfathomable.  

Just imagine being disrupted in your sleep multiple times a night. Through this disorder, you may also develop several health issues.  

Causes of Sleep Apnea


One of the most common risk factors of sleep apnea is related to excessive weight gain or obesity. When you gain too much weight, it can gather around your neck area and tongue, making your airway smaller and tighter.  

What you can do is choose to eat healthily. You'll need to watch your weight to ensure your little food pleasures won't result in sleep disorders like sleep apnea.  

Jaw Misalignment

Some instances of imbalanced facial structure may cause your tongue to further sit farther back in your mouth, leading to sleep apnea. There could also be various reasons that may contribute to why your jaws are misaligned.  

One thing you can do to ensure that your jaws are always correctly aligned is not skip any of your dental appointments. Your dentist can also identify if your teeth or your jaws need realignment. Visiting your dentist regularly helps with early symptom recognition, thus providing you with proper treatment even before the situation worsens.  

You don't just go to your dentist because you know something is wrong with your teeth and gums. Your dental appointments also serve as opportunities for your mouth to be checked by dental professionals. You don't have to wait for a toothache or a loose tooth to rush to your dentist for help.  

Are You Suffering from Sleep Apnea in San Jose?

No one deserves to be deprived of a deep sleep. With all the hard work you do for yourself and your family, you should get all the necessary sleep you need. It's hard to get through an entire day without enough sound sleep.  

However, you no longer have to worry about your sleep apnea. Our Center for Advanced Dentistry team will do everything we can to help you. We commit to giving you the proper treatment. Sleep disorders shouldn't be overlooked and should be given attention. Should you need to learn more about our processes, please message us.

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