How to Heal Faster After Oral Surgery

How to Heal Faster After Oral Surgery


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Going through oral surgery in San Jose can be quite an experience, especially if it’s your first time. Now that you’ve made it through the hard part, it’s time to relax and let your body heal. While recovering after oral surgery can take a few weeks to a month, you must get enough rest before you start working again.  

Whether you’ve had your tooth removed, went through a root canal procedure, or got a new dental implant, you’ll want to take a day or two before you get back to your daily activities. But if you’re itching to get back on your feet, there are ways you can hasten up the process. If you want to know how you can heal faster after your oral surgery, here are some tips you can follow.  

Tips for Recovering Quickly After Oral Surgery    

Rest After Your Oral Surgery  

After your oral surgery, take it easy and take a rest – you deserve it after all. Going through oral surgery can be physically draining, especially if you’ve been sitting in the dentist’s chair for quite some time. Resting helps your body reset and heal.

Resting includes sleeping, staying in bed, and avoiding strenuous activities such as lifting or bending. If you’ve gone under dental sedation, you’ll probably feel tired and lethargic after your operation. Use this time to stay in bed after you’ve gone home to prevent any complications that might arise.  

Eat Soft Foods  

Eating soft foods is often recommended by dentists so that your mouth will have less time to chew your food, and you’ll exert less effort when eating. This is to prevent any unwanted pressure on the wound and prevent it from reopening while you recover. Avoid hard, tough, and spicy foods such as candies and nuts to recover faster.  

Take Your Meds  

Take your meds as instructed by your dentists. Drinking your medicine on time will ensure that your wound will recover faster and not develop any complications while healing. Take only the medicine advised by your dentist, which will usually last for a week or so. Avoid drinking medicine that works as a blood thinner; this will slow down the healing process by preventing the blood from clotting.  

Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol after your oral surgery. Smoking or drinking after surgery might cause complications or damage to the operated area. It’s best to quit smoking altogether and reduce your alcohol intake if you want to live a healthy life.  

Don’t Touch the Wound  

Never touch the wound while you’re recovering. Not only will it cause complications to your oral health, but it might also reopen the injury, which can cause bleeding. Leave your dental wound to heal itself to avoid complications like infection and residual pains.  

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