Invisalign: A Game-Changer in Giving Adults a Perfect Smile

Invisalign: A Game-Changer in Giving Adults a Perfect Smile


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Having an attractive, healthy-looking smile is an important part of feeling confident about yourself and your appearance at any age. Often, it isn’t until the adult years that we really begin to appreciate just how important it is. By that time, the idea of wearing metal braces often seems out of place. Because they’re typically worn by preteens and teens, once we’re adults, metal braces can wind up undermining our confidence and interfering with the way we feel about ourselves professionally and socially.

Thankfully, Invisalign® has changed all that. Thanks to the state-of-the-art clear aligner system, Invisalign is helping plenty of adults discreetly straighten their teeth without metal braces. As a leading dental practice in San Jose, California, Center for Advanced Dentistry offers Invisalign treatment for adults as well as teens and preteens. If you’ve been wondering if Invisalign can help improve your smile, here’s what you should know.

Invisalign: A great choice for adults

One of the primary reasons why Invisalign is such a good choice for adults is its clear design. In fact, Invisalign aligners are so clear, they’re almost invisible when they’re in place. With Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth without feeling self-conscious about your appearance and without having your appliances become the center of attention.

That clear design is important, but it isn’t the only reason why adults prefer Invisalign. Because you take your aligners out for meals, there are no dietary restrictions to worry about. Slip your aligners into their protective case, eat whatever you’d like, then slip them back in again (after a quick rinse). That’s especially important for business lunches and evenings out.

Invisalign aligners are also easy to manage. Your schedule is already busy — the last thing you need is a complicated care routine on top of all your other obligations. With Invisalign, all you need to do is brush and floss your teeth like you normally do, then gently brush and rinse your aligners before popping them back in. Plus, you only need to visit the office once every six weeks or so for a quick checkup to make sure your treatment stays on track.

Finally, adults also love Invisalign because their unique SmartTrack® material helps most patients complete treatment more quickly than they could with traditional braces. With traditional metal braces, your treatment might take as long as three years. With Invisalign, many patients complete their treatment in 18 months or less. Of course, your treatment time will depend on your specific needs.

Not just cosmetics

For most people, the most noticeable change that comes from wearing any type of orthodontic appliance is the beautiful smile that results from treatment. Knowing your smile looks its best means you’ll be making a great impression at work, at school, and anywhere else you go. Even though cosmetic enhancement (and improved confidence) is certainly important, it isn’t the only benefit of having Invisalign treatment. Your oral health can improve, too.

Think about it: When your teeth are crooked or poorly aligned, it creates a lot of odd angles and crevices that can be really hard to keep clean. All these tiny areas provide the perfect “foothold” for harmful, decay-causing bacteria. That means that with crooked teeth, you can be at a much higher risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and deep infections.

By straightening your teeth, you make it easier to brush and floss, so it’s a lot harder for tiny food particles and bacteria to get trapped — and that means your risks of decay and disease can decrease, too. That’s especially important as you get older, since cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems tend to become much more common as you age.

Plus, improved tooth alignment also helps maintain a normal bite balance. When your bite isn’t properly aligned, you can wind up with jaw pain, headaches, and a chronic condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Straightening your teeth helps restore your normal bite balance, reducing uneven pressure on your jaw joints and preventing uneven tooth wear that can cause damage. In short, investing in a healthier smile now means you can enjoy better oral health as you get older, too.

Learn how Invisalign can help you

A more attractive smile, straighter teeth, greater confidence, and better oral health: That’s a lot of benefits from one treatment system. And that’s a big reason why Invisalign is the choice of so many adults who want to enjoy a lifetime of gorgeous smiles. At Center for Advanced Dentistry, we can help you decide if Invisalign is right for you. To schedule your consultation visit, give us a call at 408-498-9082, or use our online scheduling tool to book an appointment today.

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