Smile in Summer Photos With Whiter Teeth

Smile in Summer Photos With Whiter Teeth


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A smile full of bright, white teeth can make you look — and feel — confident and powerful. But over time, the whiteness of your smile fades. Professional Zoom!® teeth whitening is an easy way to get those pearly whites back, just in time for summer selfies.

If you want your teeth to shine brightly in your photos this summer, come to the Center for Advanced Dentistry in San Jose, California, for quick and easy Zoom! teeth-whitening services from our expert team. If you’d like to explore why our patients are grinning from ear to ear, read on.

Whiter teeth make you look younger

In the animal world (which includes us, too), strong, white teeth are a sign of health, vitality, and ample nutrition. Just as animals choose a mate based on the color of their coats or the brightness of their feathers, humans have a few physical markers that indicate worthiness, strength, and youth. And teeth play a central role.

As you age, your teeth are some of the first areas on your body that reveal the passing years. Your enamel wears down because of acidic foods and beverages, over-brushing, and other reasons, revealing the brownish dentin layer underneath. While you may be able to moisturize wrinkling skin, yellow teeth give away your age the moment you open your mouth.

Whiter teeth make you look confident

One study found some powerful benefits to a whiter, healthier-looking smile, revealing that 65% of participants were deemed more “professional” after their teeth were whitened and 61% were viewed as more confident.

Imagine for a moment that you’re watching Dwayne Johnson on TV. His muscles ripple, but when he smiles, he reveals discolored and dull teeth. The strength and confidence he exudes would tumble a few notches, wouldn’t it? The Center for Advanced Dentistry can’t provide you with Mr. Johnson’s abs, but we can help you get you a bright white, confident smile.

Whiter teeth are easy

Forget spending weeks to months trying to whiten your teeth yourself with ineffectual over-the-counter toothpaste and whitening kits that can only make a difference of a few shades. A Zoom! treatment lightens your teeth by up to eight shades, in just an hour.

Zoom! Gels have powerful, professional-grade peroxides to break up stains on the surface of your enamel, plus lighten the underlying dentin. For those who want to lighten their teeth in the comfort of their homes, we also offer at-home professional Zoom! Kits.

If you want to whiten your teeth for a summer of smiling photos, please contact us by phone or request an appointment online.

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