What Constitutes a Dental Emergency

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency


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A ball hits you in the mouth. You trip over a curb and smack your face on the sidewalk. You bite an ice cube and feel your tooth break. There are plenty of ways for your teeth to suddenly and unexpectedly be injured.

Do you know what to do during a dental emergency? If you’ve been in a car accident or some other situation where you may have other injuries, the hospital may be your best bet. However, in many instances, using the emergency services at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in San Jose, California, may be the better option.

Our expert providers have the training and knowledge to treat numerous dental emergencies. Read on to learn what, exactly, constitutes a dental emergency.

What makes something a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies often involve extreme pain or affect your ability to eat or speak. Here are a few situations that qualify as dental emergencies:

An injury that won’t stop bleeding

If your mouth is bleeding and you can’t get it to quit, you may be experiencing a dental emergency. There are plenty of ways to injure your mouth, but if it happens to you, don’t panic. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and get in touch with us.

A broken or chipped tooth

If you can, gather the pieces of your tooth. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and rinse the pieces of your tooth. Then call us and head to our office with the pieces of your tooth.

A knocked-out tooth

Pick up your tooth by the crown, which is the part you can see when it’s in your mouth. Carefully rinse it. Then put it in a cup of milk, or if that’s unavailable, put it in a cup of water with a little bit of salt. Then call us and come to our office as quickly as you can.

Loose teeth

If you have loose teeth that are still attached, use a cold compress to ease any pain. You can also take over-the-counter pain medication. Then call us for further guidance.

A filling falls out

If you lose a filling, chew a piece of sugar-free gum until it’s soft enough to mold into the shape you need. Then place it in and around your tooth where the filling should be. This is only a temporary solution, so be sure to call us as soon as you can.

A crown comes off

If you’re in pain, apply some clove oil to the area where the crown should be. Then call us. And when you come in, bring the crown with you if you can.

Broken braces

If you have broken braces, use dental wax to protect your gums. If you don’t have dental wax, try using a pencil eraser. Then call us.


An abscess can indicate an infection and should be treated as soon as possible. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater several times throughout the day until you can get in to see us.


Rinse your mouth and floss around the area carefully to see if something may be stuck in your teeth. If you’re still hurting, call us to schedule an appointment at the earliest possible time.

Of course, many other situations can constitute a dental emergency. The bottom line is, if you’re in pain, can’t eat, or can’t speak because something is going on in your mouth, call 408-498-9082. If you’d like to learn more about what you should do during a dental emergency, or if you need to schedule a regular visit, book an appointment online or over the phone with the Center for Advanced Dentistry today.

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