What to Do After a Tooth Extraction

What to Do After a Tooth Extraction


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Tooth extractions for adults may be necessary at times, and sometimes they can be tricky, requiring surgery. Are you planning to undergo oral surgery in San Jose? We've got you covered.

Dental aftercare is crucial in tooth extractions because it aids the area in healing correctly so it does not develop dental complications. Doing as instructed by dentists will ensure that your health won't be affected by the extraction.

What to Do After Tooth Extraction

Take Prescribed Pain Killers

Easing the discomfort after the extraction is one of the aftercare steps you need to pay attention to. Taking the prescribed painkillers will help a lot after the anesthesia wears off.

Usually, dentists recommend over-the-counter painkillers first, but this can be changed if the pain still persists. Taking painkillers will also depend on how frequent the pain is.

Control the Bleeding

Controlling the bleeding is necessary after extraction. One way of doing this is by regularly replacing the gauze with a clean one. It is advisable to bite down gently on the gauze to stop bleeding. A constant pressure being applied onto the wound will help in hastening its healing process.

Minimize the Swelling

You can reduce swelling by using a cold pack. Pressing a cold pack wrapped in a cloth for 10 minutes can help a lot. Repeat this process a few times, taking breaks in between.

Get as Much Rest as Possible

Rest is vital after any type of procedure. Your body has gone through a lot and it’s important to not be as active as you normally would.


  • Drink plenty of fluids. Hydrating is a good way of taking care of yourself after the tooth extraction.
  • Eat a diet of soft, healthy snacks and food. Gradually add solid food as you begin to heal. This will allow you to eat without putting much pressure on the extraction area.
  • Brush your teeth gently. Hygiene is still necessary, but dentists usually advise you to avoid the area as much as possible not to aggravate the blood clot and stall the healing process.
  • Keep the area of extraction clean. After 12 hours after the extraction, it's recommended to rinse the mouth with a saline solution to clean the mouth.


  • No smoking. Smoking will affect the healing of the extraction area as well as the formation of a clot.  
  • Do not use a straw. The pressure may cause the blood clot to dislodge. Drinking from a glass is more advisable.
  • Avoid spitting forcefully. Spitting may dislodge the clot being formed and may develop complications.

Looking to Undergo an Oral Surgery in San Jose?

Now that you know what to do after a tooth extraction, you can now visit your trusted local dentists for a tooth extraction or oral surgery in San Jose. Visit the Center for Advanced Dentistry for the best dental services around. We have experienced and professional specialists who can cater to your needs regarding tooth extractions. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

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