When Should I Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed

When Should I Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed


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If you’re suffering from toothaches caused by your wisdom tooth, you don’t have to live with the pain it causes. A tooth extraction in San Jose can help relieve your pain and discomfort without compromising oral health. While this procedure is for everyone, you’ll still need to check in with your dentist when you can get your wisdom tooth removed.  

If you want to know when you can get your tooth removed, we’ve gathered some of the common signs that tell you it’s time to say goodbye to your wisdom tooth.  

Signs You Need a Wisdom Tooth Extraction    

Gum Pain and Discomfort    

How your wisdom tooth grows will determine the pain and discomfort you’ll feel. If your tooth grows sideways or is misaligned, it can put more pressure on the other teeth making it more painful and uncomfortable. You’ll notice severe pain surrounding the area of the tooth and inflammation of the gums.  

You’ll experience jaw pain, discomfort, and stiffness surrounding the area of your wisdom tooth. If you don’t have your tooth removed at this point, the pain can intensify when it presses on your nerves and bones. If you feel discomfort around your tooth, you’ll need to visit your dentist immediately to get an x-ray.  

Indications of Infection  

One sign that you need your wisdom tooth extracted is when you develop a gum infection. Infections can happen anytime, whether your wisdom tooth has totally or partially erupted. The gum tissue surrounding the area turns red, inflamed, and sensitive, in addition to experiencing frequent sore throats and enlarged lymph nodes.  

In certain instances, an infection may even cause pus to form in your mouth. If the condition has settled on your gums, you’ll need to treat it before you can extract your wisdom tooth. It would be best to visit your dentist as soon as possible before this discomfort starts to limit your ability to carry out your normal activities.  

Cyst Growth

Are there any sacs of fluids forming around your wisdom teeth? If you do, you’ll need to see your dentist, especially if your mouth experiences pain or discomfort due to these cysts. Your dentist will help you identify these lumps and whether you need additional treatment.  

Misaligned and Crooked Teeth  

If you don’t have enough room in your jawbone for a wisdom tooth, your third molar will move your other teeth together and make them crooked. Fortunately, your dentist can determine whether your wisdom tooth will crowd your other teeth by examining X-rays. When your other teeth have already started misaligning, they may also need additional orthodontic treatment.  


An impacted wisdom tooth can damage the teeth surrounding it, causing small cracks or holes that can develop into cavities. If you notice that you’re forming cavities within this area despite brushing and flossing daily, you might need to see your dentist immediately. Developing cavities is a clear sign that you need to remove your wisdom tooth since it could cause further damage to your oral health.  

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction in San Jose?  

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to remove your wisdom teeth. Here at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we offer safe and reliable tooth extraction services. Call us today to make an appointment.

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