If you have bad breath, it's probably because you don't have a good oral hygiene routine, or you might suffer from an underlying oral health problem. Fortunately, family dentistry in San Jose can help you practice good oral hygiene and help you identify the type of bacterial infections of the gums or teeth causing your bad breath. To help you understand more about this problem, here are some facts regarding the causes of bad breath.    

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Potential Causes of Bad Breath  

Gum Disease and Bacteria

Gum disease or gum inflammation brought on by oral bacteria is another common cause of bad breath. Having smelly breath indicates that your mouth has gum disease or some underlying illness. You can visit your dentist and have a dental cleaning service to help eliminate the bacteria and other foreign elements in your mouth.  

Your breath will return to normal once the condition of your gums is treated and cleaned. Although treating your gum disease will eliminate your bad breath, you should still worry about the significant causes of your condition so that you can take the necessary steps to avoid them. Always remember to practice good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease and other consequences that are brought about by poor oral health.  

Food Residue in Your Mouth  

Bacteria that produce bad breath are the leading cause of halitosis, the medical word for what we often refer to as bad breath. When your saliva and other bacteria break down the food residue, it will release an unpleasant odor when the microorganisms in your mouth interact with it. Another reason could be that the spices in your food can give off a foul scent that may mix with the food breakdown, which causes the breath to smell bad.  

Gum Diseases That Could Lead to Bad Breath  

Bleeding and Infected Gums  

Periodontal disease can cause bleeding, pain, irritated gums, and bad breath. Severe forms of infected gums can produce pus or dental abscess that, when punctured, could emit a foul odor. Patients must practice good oral hygiene and see their periodontists prevent this issue from worsening.  


Gingivitis or gum infection is brought on by having too much plaque on your teeth and gums. Due to poor oral hygiene, bacteria may transfer from the mouth to the gum tissues, irritating and infecting the gums. Severe forms of gingivitis could lead to oral surgery if left untreated.

Perio Breath  

Plaque and bacteria on the gums become an issue for dental health when neglected for a long time. Because the bacteria in your mouth are harming your teeth and gums due to active periodontal disease that is not being treated, you can develop a severe case of bad breath. To help stop the onset of perio breath, you should schedule a consultation with a periodontist to have your underlying gum disease treated.  

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While lesser cases of bad breath can be managed with good oral hygiene, more severe cases may need professional dental care. Our staff at the Center for Advanced Dentistry can help enhance your oral hygiene and dental wellness. Call us today to find out more about our services.

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