Oral Surgery in San Jose CA

Oral Surgery in San Jose CA

  • At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, oral surgery is a procedure that may be necessary for a variety of reasons. If a tooth is severely decayed and can't be saved with root canal therapy, the tooth may need to be removed. For patients who have lost teeth due to trauma or decay and want to have dental implants, a bone graft may be necessary to create enough bone structure to support the implant.
Surgical Extraction

When is Oral Surgery needed?

Oral surgery is needed when a patient requires any surgery involving the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. Most oral surgery procedures treat damaged, diseased, or infected teeth. Other oral surgery procedures include the removal of wisdom teeth and bone grafting procedures for dental implants.

The Different Types of Oral Surgery

Teeth Extraction

When a tooth cannot be saved with restorative dental treatment, the tooth needs to be extracted. Teeth extraction is an oral surgery procedure where the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. The tooth will be gripped with dental forceps and removed from the socket in the jawbone. Stitches may be placed if necessary.

Dental Implants

Dentists and oral surgeons generally recommend implants for patients who have bone loss in their jawline. Implants help restore your smile's shape, function, and aesthetics.

The titanium implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone and then allowed to heal. The implant is designed to bond with the jaw bone, which creates a secure and long-lasting restoration.

Dental implants can give patients a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure that removes one or more wisdom teeth from your mouth. When there is not enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth, they may become impacted. When wisdom teeth become impacted, they are stuck in your jawbone and gums and can cause pain and infection.

Bone Grafting

To fill in gaps in your smile, bone grafting is used. The graft material can come from your own body or donor tissue. Either way, the graft material is surgically placed into the bone. Over time, the graft material integrates with the surrounding bone to provide better support for the teeth.


Frenectomies are procedures that surgically remove frenulum tissue. A frenulum is a fold of skin or mucous membrane tissue between two body parts. The frenulum connects the lip to the gum.

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