Orthodontics in San Jose CA

Orthodontics in San Jose CA

Orthodontics is a specialty field of dentistry that treats patients with improper positioning of teeth and jaws. At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, orthodontic treatment can help correct misaligned teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Childhood is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment, as the mouth is still growing. Adults can also benefit from orthodontics, but the primary goal of care is to ensure that teeth don't shift back into misalignment.

Common Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic treatment can fix common dental problems, such as:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Protruding teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Impacted teeth that haven't grown in

Orthodontic treatment can fix these problems by straightening or moving the teeth into better alignment. This improves the appearance of the teeth and how they work.

Types of Orthodontic treatments


Traditional braces are the most common type and consist of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are bonded to your teeth, and the archwires are threaded through them. The wires are regularly adjusted to guide the teeth into their correct positions gradually.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that typically takes about a year to complete. This is because Invisalign is a series of custom-made aligners that fit over each tooth. You switch out the set every two weeks, and your teeth gradually move into proper positions.

Invisalign aligners are worn for most of the day but are removed for eating and drinking. They can also be removed for brushing and flossing, making it possible to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Jaw Surgery

Some orthodontic patients need to have their jaw surgically altered or realigned. This is usually required when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. The teeth can be impacted, and the patient may suffer from gum disease.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a type of orthodontic care focusing primarily on straightening the teeth that show when you smile. The braces are tooth-colored and look exactly like traditional braces. However, they function differently. The six month smiles treatment uses a combination of standard orthodontic and cosmetic care to straighten the teeth that show when you smile.

The Advantages of Orthodontic Treatments

Straight, healthy teeth can promote good oral health. Orthodontic treatments improve bite function and jaw alignment, which can help prevent problems, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Orthodontic treatment can also help teens and adults improve their appearance and boost self-confidence.

Learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatments by visiting the Center for Advanced Dentistry at 105 N. Bascom Ave, Suite 201, San Jose 95128, or calling (408) 549-7133.

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