Root Canal/Endodontics in San Jose CA

Root Canal/Endodontics in San Jose CA

A root canal involves removing infected pulp from the roots of a tooth, then filling and sealing the space. The procedure is highly successful and can prevent further problems.

At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, a root canal may be recommended if:

  • You notice swelling and pain in the gums.
  • You notice pain when biting down, sensitivity to heat or cold, or tooth discoloration.
  • You experience an abscess, a collection of pus forms in the gum.
  • You have a tooth that undergoes a significant amount of decay.

The Common Causes of Root Canals

Tooth decay and tooth trauma are common causes of root canals. Sometimes, a cavity will be so severe that the only way to save the natural tooth is to perform a root canal. This filling procedure will clean the infected tooth to eliminate decay and prevent further damage.

Root Canal

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

The most common cause is to prevent an infection. A root canal is also performed to eliminate tooth pain. A dental abscess, which is an infection, can also require a root canal. If you have a cavity, you may also need a root canal.

The Benefits of Root Canal Procedure

An infected tooth can be an actual pain. You might experience throbbing pain, sensitivity, or swelling around the painful tooth. A root canal can help save your tooth and allow you to maintain good oral health.

A root canal removes the infected nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth. Once the nerve tissue is gone, the root canal is “sealed,” and the healthy tissue can be restored.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

Your dentist will place a dental dam in your mouth to isolate the tooth that needs treatment. To numb the area, a local anesthetic will be injected into your gums. After the tooth is numb, your dentist will drill into the tooth to access the pulp. The pulp is the tissue inside the tooth that contains the nerves and blood supply. After your dentist removes the pulp, he or she uses particular files to smooth the inside of the tooth. Once the inside of the tooth has been prepared, your dentist will seal it and place a dental crown over the tooth. The dental crown will help strengthen and protect your tooth.

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