Signs that Tell You to Get Veneers

Signs that Tell You to Get Veneers


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Do you often get anxious to smile because you have stained or missing teeth in front of other people? Your feelings are valid, but you should know that you can be more than that. You can do more than hide your beautiful smile from the world. All you need are veneers in San Jose.  

A lot may have been familiar with dentures and dental implants as teeth replacement options. However, only a few know about the benefits of veneers and how this option can help them restore their smile without replacing the whole tooth. Like any other dental treatment, you'll be more enticed to get them if you know how they work and how they're done.  

Moreover, you also won't be convinced to get veneers if you don't know why. You know you'll need to get teeth whitening if your teeth are stained or braces for your misaligned teeth. How about veneers? When do you get them?     

How to Know When You'll Need Veneers  

You Have Cracked or Chipped Teeth  

There are multiple options to fix your broken or chipped teeth. One option you have is dental veneers.  

Did you know that dental veneers are also an option for kids? Say your kids accidentally knocked their teeth off while playing sports or while they're having fun in the backyard, they can get veneers to restore their smiles.  

Depending on the extent of your chipped or cracked teeth, your dentist will identify which type of veneer is perfect for you.  

Your Teeth Are Extremely Stained  

You're lucky if your teeth stains can be resolved by teeth whitening procedures. However, you still shouldn't worry because you can opt for veneers if they aren't.  

Depending on the causes and extensiveness of your discolored teeth, teeth whitening options may not always help. You'll need a more concrete solution like veneers. You can call your dentist and ask if you're a great candidate for dental veneers.  

You're Unhappy with Your Smile  

Many reasons can be associated with how you feel about your smile. More often, it's because your teeth don't look nice. You may feel awkward knowing that you have yellow or damaged teeth.  

If you care about your appearance and dental health, you shouldn't have second thoughts about getting veneers.  

You Have Misaligned or Irregularly Shaped Teeth  

If you think that braces or clear aligners were the only methods to correct misaligned teeth, you’re in for a treat. Veneers are also perfect for restoring your teeth alignment by giving you perfectly shaped teeth that help fill in teeth gaps.  

Do You Have Other Questions About Veneers in San Jose?  

There's no other way to know things about veneers than to ask our dental experts in the Center for Advanced Dentistry. We offer various dental care services, and we take pride in performing our dental procedures. Our dental professionals are adept at what they do, and they can give you the correct dental diagnosis and proper dental treatment.  

We don't take people only as patients. Our work culture has made them feel they have a family they can run to whenever they have dental issues and concerns. Should you know more about our services, please leave us a message.  

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